Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Story

Good morning and happy Tuesday.  Thank you one and all for your support on the new batch of kits for sale on this blog site!  The response has been phenomenal.

Here is the October installation of the monthly series of kits featuring a window and a timely look into the season.  Many of you will be receiving this kit shortly.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Monday, October 24, 2016

New Layout Kits Are Posted

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great and restful weekend. I am loving this weather here in North Florida! Finally the temperatures have dropped enough  to wear fall clothes, I love it!

I have posted several new kits for sale on this blog last night. Check them out before they sell out. Just click on the girl with a shopping cart on the upper left and she will take you to the KITS page. Send me an email with your order to beatrizguzman58@yahoo.com and voila!

Here are two of the new layout kits perfect for all of your travel photos.

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Friday, October 21, 2016

What's Cooking, Good Looking?

Good morning and happy Friday, everyone!  Another week has come and gone.

Here is a recent Fall layout of mine titled "What's Cooking, Good Looking"  This is a great layout for photos that you might have for either a harvest celebration or even Thanksgiving.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a terrific and blessed day and a safe and restful weekend.  We'll see you again on Monday!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

In Loving Memory

Good morning and happy Thursday!  I hope that your week is going well.

Here is a layout that I made titled "In Loving Memory".  It's not a veru typical title, however, all of us have people in our lives who have passed on.  This is a great way to keep the memory of them alive and remember them.

Thanks for your visit today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!