Friday, September 21, 2018

China Layouts

Happy Friday! Do you have any plans for the weekend? I actually have family visiting from out of town and I am so excited to host them!

I recently made a custom order for a friend who traveled to China during the Olympics. That must have been an amazing adventure! She told me that in addition to watching some of the competitions, they were able to do a lot of sightseeing

Have a wonderful, happy, safe, fun and blessed weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Good morning! Hope your week is going amazing, so far. Madison Rose turned 7 years old last month. She is crazy about dinosaurs just like her two brothers and cousins are. She wanted them to be the theme of her party, which took place at a Bouncing Park. Lexie wore the cutest skirt ever to be in tune with Madison's outfit. They are some of my favorite fashionistas!

Danny decided to entertain the kids riding his dino as well.

These were the goody boxes everyone got as a present as a thank you for coming to her party.

Lexie's mom (the other grandma) made this beautiful cake! It had three different flavors, including the volcano made with rice crispies. It was yummy!

And of course, I already made a layout for some of these pictures. This is actually one of my new kits this month.

Birthday celebrations are the best ever! Have a fabulous, ferocious and blessed day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Track and Field

Good morning! I have been making lots of sports layouts lately (new batch of kits). This particular one brings sooo many memories of my children growing up. They both ran and competed all the way to high school. I used to cheer my daughter Valerie and tell her "run my little deer, run"! Almost like run, Forrest, run! right? She tells me that she still hears my voice when she jogs, especially when she is running out of fuel.

I was told yesterday that I have to have another back surgery. They will extend my pins(lower back) and put screws on both hips. Ouch, it sounds painful! I'm glad they have amazing "happy pills" to help me go through it once again. It is scheduled for October 11th. Please keep me in your prayers.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a fabulous, happy and blessed Tuesday!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Long Distance Bible Journaling

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend and were able to relax and enjoy the goodness of the Lord. I was able to get a lot done! I did a little bit of shopping, cooking, cleaning and worked on several new kits coming out next weekend.

Last week I started teaching my niece's 8 year old daughter, Aminah,  about Bible Journaling. They live in Turin, Italy. We use Facetime and we spend about an hour together 3 times a week. She loves it! She is a very talented little artist and most importantly, she loves Jesus.

This is her take on Creation.

This is her take on the Fruit of the Spirit. I love the expressions of her girls! Sooo super cute. Aminah is tri-lingual. She speaks, reads and writes, English, Spanish and Italian. They are moving to Germany next month and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that German will be her 4th in no time at all. She is one precious and bright little girl!

In another part of the world, there was some filming going on at Danny's house in California this weekend. They were doing a documentary of his journey for the Joe Niekro Foundation gala in November. Danny has been invited to be the keynote speaker.

Lexie is a natural in front of the cameras. She is our very own movie star!

My dear friend Tatiana had this custom made for Danny. It is sooooo cute! They did an awesome job making it look like Danny. Even the  box had printed pictures of him throwing out the first pitch after his brain surgery. What a thoughtful and meaningful present this is. Thank you, Tatiana!

Well, no layouts today to share but only memories of happenings in our family. Like I said before, I will have over 30 new kits coming up this weekend, so stay tuned! Have a wonderful and blessed day!