Thursday, September 28, 2017

Love to Explore

Good morning and happy Thursday!  I hope that your week is going well, so far.  I having a great time doing things that I haven't been able to do for a while, but having to realize that I need to pace myself.  Yesterday I did a little too much and am paying for it today.

Here is a new kit of mine titled Love to Explore.  It's one of several school-themed layouts that I'm offering this month.  Isn't that what learning is all about?  You explore, find things out and remember them.

Thanks again for visiting my blog regularly.  I sincerely hope that you have a terrific and blessed day today.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September Kits

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Well, by the grace of God and with tremendous help from friends and family, I have been able to produce a number of  scrapbooking kits for the month of September and will be publishing them this morning.  Those of you on my mailing list will be receiving an e-mail as soon as they are up and ready.

The monthly Heritage kit is titled Our Journey, and what a journey these past six weeks have been.  I have just been given clearance to start driving again and my doctor recommends that I go to an empty parking lot and practice before I actually go out into the streets.  My DH thinks that since I tend to veer to the left when I'm walking, that we go to England to practice driving.  He says that he'd rather have me drive off the road than into the oncoming lane of traffic!

Thanks for all of your love and support.  Have a marvelous and blessed day!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Slice of Summer

Good morning and happy Tuesday.  I hope that your week is going well.  I just got some terrific news yesterday from my doctor.  In the six weeks since my surgeries, I am right on track with recovery and can start moving around with my body brace and walker all the time.  Since there is still a danger of re-injury if I fall, I will still have to use a cane and will continue to use the brace for certain activities, since it limits the amount of movement that I should be making.

Well, even though summer officially ended last Friday, I couldn't resist one last picture of two of my grand kids enjoying a slice of watermelon in their back yard.  Seems that most of the watermelons you get these days are the seedless variety.  My DH says that they don't taste as good as the seeded ones he ate as a kid.  Also, he claims that spitting the seeds out is half of the fun.  You can go for distance or spit them at each other.  My grand kids, however, prefer the seedless because they're easier to eat!

Here's the layout that I'm going to put these and other end-of-summer photos in.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Monday, September 25, 2017


Good morning and happy Monday!  Hope that you had a great weekend.  I sure did.

Here's a layout of mine titled "Gymnastics"

And here is our newest gymnast at her weekly lesson.  She absolutely loves her Gator leotard!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Deer Hunter

Good morning and happy, happy Friday!  I hope that you have great plans for the weekend.  I'm going to be getting ready to see my surgeon on Monday, to show him how well I'm coming along, so I really have to behave these next three days!

This is a layout that I made for a customer.  It turned out so good that I decided to make it into a kit, as well!  These outdoorsy type themes are very popular.

Thanks for logging in today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day and a safe and restful weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Twinkle Toes

Good morning and happy Thursday!  Every day I'm getting stronger and stronger.  Unfortunately, there are days when I overdo it and pay for it the next day.  Yesterday was such a day, so I've promised myself to pace myself today.

Here is a layout that I made back in July.  My oldest granddaughter has started taking ballet lessons.  As soon as I get some pictures, this is the layout that they'll go in.  I think that the combination of pinks, grays and black has to be my absolute favorite.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

School Daze

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Here are a couple of layouts that I made using the same embellishments, but different papers.  As you can see, they are both very different.

And here are pictures of my two school age grandchildren,  Madison who is 6 and in 1st grade ...

... and Andrew who is in kindergarten

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Monday, September 18, 2017

By the Sea

Good morning and happy new week!  Well, I did it.  I completed a two page layout over the weekend.  This one is called By the Sea and it uses papers from Heartfelt Creations.  There was absolutely no Bending, no Lifting and no Twisting done while making this layout!  (Very important.)

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful, creative and blessed day.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Memories Forever

Good morning and happy Friday!  Well, I was actually able to complete a single page layout yesterday.  It's titled Memories Forever and makes a great layout for the first or the last page of a scrapbook.

What makes it difficult is the body brace that I have to wear anytime that I'm out of the bed.  For walking it's fine, but it severely limits my movements, especially when sitting down.  Fortunately I had a friend and neighbor over to help get things for me as I'm not allowed to bend, twist or reach.  Fortunately I'm getting stronger every day.  My next goal is for a two-page layout!

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lakeside Property

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Well, we are finishing up with Hurricane Irma.  It arrived here Sunday night and, fortunately, did not cause the amount of damage here that it did elsewhere in the State.  For that we are thankful.

Our daughter and her family moved into their new home on Saturday and by Monday morning they were stranded.  There is just one street into and out of the neighborhood and it was under 8 feet of water.

Here is our view of them when we went by Monday.  (Andrew is in the red shirt.)

And here is their view of us.  (Our gray van is just above Valerie's head.)

Fortunately, they had electricity and more than enough supplies.  They also had a LOT of boxes that needed to be unpacked.

We were planning to go back on Tuesday with our kayak and shuttle things back and forth, but a kind-hearted neighbor whose back yard butts up to a single lane road to the west of them took out two sections of his fence so that cars could enter and exit through his yard.  Joey the panda was delivered to Carolina in the nick of time and George got a new chainsaw & fuel.  What stories they will have to tell!

Here is an older layout of mine that is perfect for pictures of their new lakefront property.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

My Car

Good morning and happy Thursday!  We're still waiting for the arrival (or not) of Hurricane Irma.  Either way we will get a lot of rain and wind.  My sister and niece were ordered to evacuate from Ft. Lauderdale and arrived here very early this morning.  It's nice to have the company.

Here is a layout that I made on request.  I liked it so much that I decided to turn it into a kit dedicated to all of those "gear heads" out there.

Thanks for making a "pit stop" at my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Good morning and happy Wednesday.  Yesterday I ventured out of the house for a little bit with my hubby to go to the supermarket.  What a mistake that was!  There's a hurricane headed towards Florida so everyone and their brother was out.  We made one loop of the parking lot and then headed to our favorite fruit and vegetable market where the crowd was close to normal.  Fortunately, they don't sell water, batteries, flashlights or generators.  By then I was tired so I stayed in the car.

Here is a layout from July titled Handyman.  If Hurricane Irma heads this way we're going to need a lot of these!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day - Last Day of Summer

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Yesterday was the first day that I actually went into my studio.  I passed by it on the way to my bedroom when I came back from the rehab center on Saturday and saw that my DH had stacked heavy boxes and bins at the door.  That was his way of keeping me out of there until I was ready.  Yesterday he took the boxes away so that I could enter.

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for about 15 minutes before I needed to to go back to my room and lie down for a while.  All in all, I made a total of four 15 minute visits yesterday.  It's going to be a while before I'm able to have those marathon sessions in there like I used to do.

Well, since yesterday was Labor Day and the official end of Summer, I'm going to sneak a couple of layouts in.  These are from my July batch of kits.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  And thanks for your continued best wishes and prayers.  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Back Home, Finally

Good morning, happy Monday and happy Labor Day!  After nearly a month I'm finally home!  I still have a lot of recuperation and therapy over the next several weeks and months.  The visiting nurse came to our house yesterday and told me that I should try to live my life as much as I am able.  I don't think that she meant being in my studio for hours on end like I used to do.  I will have to find a balance.  I'm hoping to get into my studio for a little while today.  Wish me luck and health!

Here are a couple of older layouts of  mine dealing with the subject of "Home".  I'm sooo glad to be here!

Thanks for all of your prayers during this ordeal.  They are truly appreciated.  Have a wonderful and blessed day.