Monday, July 30, 2018

Under the Sea is Over & Out

Good morning and happy new week.  I just got home very early this morning from a great time at Janet Gaar's Rayne, Louisiana events, Under the Sea.  Both weekends!  I most definitely entitled to a a little R & R before my birthday celebration this coming weekend in Sarasota.

We created a total of 60 kits over both weekends at this event.  Here are numbers 59 & 60.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day and, hopefully, I'll wake up before tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  I hope that your week is going well.  I'm still in Rayne, Louisiana waiting for the start of the second session of the Under the Sea crop.

During the first session, one of the things that the Hive liked to do was go out at midnight for ice cream.  Our favorite place to go was DQ.  Here we are enjoying our favorite frozen treats.

Here are a couple of my recent kits dedicated to just that.

Thanks for your visit today.  Have a terrific and blessed day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Under the Sea

Good morning and happy Tuesday.  The theme of the Treasured Memories crops this year is Under the Sea.  The decoration is absolutely amazing.  Here are a couple of photos.

Very colorful and fun.  Here is the first layout that I made during the first session this past weekend.  I call it Mermazing!

And here they caught me having a cat nap (more likely a "catfish" nap), using a "pearl" as a pillow at the end of the first session.

What can I say?  I was tired!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Team Genius

Good morning and happy Monday!  Well, the first session of the Treasured Memories yearly crop in Rayne, Louisiana is over.  The second session starts on Thursday.  That gives us just three days to rest and re-load!  We will be ready!

Janet and I call ourselves Team Genius.  This time we had the costumes to prove it.

I honestly don't remember how we got from Team Genius to Dr. Seuss.  Here's are the two versions of my Team Genius kit, both sold out.

Thanks for visiting us on my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Happy Thursday! I arrived in Rayne, Louisiana last night after driving straight through from Florida.  I was going to make it a two day trip, but things just didn't work out that way.  Luckily I had a designated driver with me so I was able to rest.  Today we CROP!!!

I have the most talented friends around. This is Ana who LOVES paper piecing. She makes her own patterns. She loves to make pages for her nieces and nephews. I know that they will love their albums when they are a little bit older.

This is a close up of the layout. What's not to love about it?  Even the dinosaurs look cuddly.

This is one of the Dino layouts I made recently.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

From One Crop to Another

Happy Wednesday! Have you ever heard of "Crop Hopping"? I haven't either but lately it seems like that's what I do! The first week of July I spent the entire week at the Vero Beach Crop. Last weekend I spent 4 days at a crop in Coral Springs and today I am on my way to Rayne, Louisiana for two 4-day crops, back to back! I hope my husband doesn't rent out my studio while I am on the road!

Our group (Wings on Meds) is posing with our cute pillows for our backs in Coral Springs. We are missing Cassia who was unable to attend. 

Everyone loved my little refrigerator and my collection of unicorns. My friend Brenda is the official Godmother of all of them.

 My friends surprised me with an early birthday celebration and blessed me with this amazing unicorn collection from 31 Bags.  I love them!!!

And of course we had to blow my new pool/floater for a unicorn photoshoot in the middle of the room. We had soooo much fun!

This is one of my July kits. Some of my pictures will fit perfectly on this layout.

I'll keep you posted of all my adventures in Louisiana. The theme of that crop is Under the Sea. I can't wait! I hope I don't get too waterlogged.  Have a fabulous and blessed day!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

On the Road Again

Happy Thursday! Hope your week is going great so far. I am off to South Florida again for a 4-day crop in Coral Springs. It's another Vero Scrapbook Crops  and Retreats event and I know it will be fabulous. I will be one of her vendors and will be selling my new released summer kits. 

These are two of them, summer/beach related. 

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Well, it has been hot here in Florida!  We've been in the 90's nearly everyday so far this month.  Summer is here. Here are a couple of layout kits of mine celebrating (if that's the right word) the Summer heat.

I feel cooler just looking at them! Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day and stay out of the heat!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Be-you-tiful Family

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Here is the new Family Series layout for the month of July.  This kit plus many others will be released for sale within a week.  We're just putting the final touches on them.

As I've said many times before, families are a gift from God.  Here is a recent photograph of our son Danny with his.  The fact that he is alive and able to spend time with his wife and three kids is a tremendous gift from God.

Cherish you family everyday!  Thank God for them.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Monday, July 9, 2018


Good morning and happy Monday!  I hope that you had a great weekend and are ready for the brand new week.

On Friday our grandson Andrew had his tonsils and adenoids removed and drain tubes put into his ears.  He was a champ through the whole ordeal, because he knows that once he gets healed up he won't have the sore throats and ear aches that he gets from time to time.

Here is in before the surgery, in the waiting room with other kids having surgery that day.  He has become reacquainted with his dinosaurs recently and has added more to his collection and has asked for books about them.

This photo is him all prepped up and ready to go in.  You can see on his face that he'd rather be anywhere else in the world right now, but he's not scared.  He's using his stuffed monkey as a pillow

And here he is at home the day after.  He's got all of his dinosaurs all lined up on the floor in front of him while he makes tracings of them from his new dinosaur book.

On Sunday they watched a cartoon movie with dinosaurs.  He said "This is silly.  That dinosaur is from the Jurassic Period and the other one is from the Late Cretaceous Period."  I have no idea what that means, but I know enough not to question him.

Here's a recent layout of mine about dinosaurs.  He's not seen it yet.  When he does, he might be critical if I've mixed up my dinosaurs.  Anyhow, this is where these pictures will go.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day and please try to keep your dinosaurs properly categorized!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Good morning and Happy Independence Day!  Here are a few of my recent 4th of July layouts and kits.

And here are the Wings on Meds scrappers at their patriotic best.  Only one of us was actually born in this country, but we all love it and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else in the world.

Thanks for stopping by today on this very special day when we celebrate our freedom.  Have a wonderful, safe and blessed day!