Thursday, October 29, 2009

Southern hospitality to the max!

I couldn't believe my eyes.... talk about people being friendly in the South! This morning I drove to a town called Albany in Georgia, about 1 1/2 hours  from Dothan (yes, they have a Hobby Lobby in Albany and everything was 50% off!) and I stopped at a local gas station to fill up my tank.  A man came over  to pour my gas, cleaned my windows (front and back!), checked my tires and pour water in my engine!!! I kept asking him if he does that to everyone and he said YES! I wanted to tip him ten bucks and he said "no way", this was part of his job! I wanted to hug him, I thanked him soooo many times and I  told him I haven't seen this type of service in sooo many years! he was so happy to see me so excited he allowed me to take a picture of him! His name is Carl.... I told him I was going to post him on my blog. Isn't it wonderful to find someone like that once in a while? He sure made my day and I made his with my excitement. Oh by the way... he had a stronger accent than mine...


  1. That os the 1 thing I miss I miss about living in Montreal Canada, I still remember how in the winter when it was freesing, someone would come to fill up your car, clean your windows because they were full of snow, now a days IF someone comes near my car I jump back in my car in fear of being mugged :(
    Your a lucky gal!!!!

  2. Bea - isn't just so easy to make somebody's day with a little kindness and joy? where did all this kind of love, joy and respect in our world go? love you and miss you!

  3. In Texas they have stations just like that, but when you get full service (which is what you got) the price was a little is well worth it! My mom has not pumped gas since she has lived in Texas! She always treats me to full service when I go visit her. That is awesome you made his day! Can't wait to see you next weekend. Girl, your rockin those cricut layouts, i just can't be patient enough to make one!