Monday, July 12, 2010

Cropping in the Rayne Forest

I attended  a fabulous  4-day crop in Rayne, Louisiana sponsored by Treasured Memories last weekend. My friends Sandie and Cathy went with me in my 2-door Honda Accord! Believe it or not, we fit!!!!!

The theme was "frogs" since Rayne, LA is the "Frog Capital of the World".

Janet and her loving crew, including her children Dakota and Cassidy, made us feel like family. Everything was so pretty, comfortable and so much space to walk around!

I am posting two slide shows. One is "friends at the event" and the second one is  "amazing pages". I have never seen so much talent  together in one room.... this crowd has taken scrapbooking to another level. So many pages were a work of art, so much detail and creativity. Who is to blame? Their names are Connie, Melissa, Wendy, Paula and Janet. Their classes and their style are out of this world. They truly "think outside the box".

Amazing Pages... amazing work.


  1. Oh girl, it was sooooo much fun, hun? LOVED hanging out with you! I hope it isn't so long until I see you again. At least we have blogs, hun? LOVE all these photos. Thanks for posting them. What a treasure!

  2. Beatriz, I am so jeolous!! It looks like a great time was had by all. Awesome layouts, thanks for sharing your experience. Shari (cricutrookie)

  3. Wow, you guys had that trunk packed down, but I bet you had a great time. Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!

  4. remind me never to go to the frog capital of the world.
    but that crop looks like fun.. .i have been wanting to go to a crop ..just need to make time. hope you had lots of fun

  5. ohhhh it was lovely the crop, the people, my room mates (he he), and our 'Bible' discussion on the way back... luv ya!!!

  6. I am sooooo jealous!! Not only did you get girl time... you got to scrap too!! It looks like you had a blast!! And i agree, there was so serious talent there! Thanks for sharing some of the LOs with us!!
    Barb :)

  7. Thanks for the slideshow! There were some very talented ladies there!