Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend memories at Paper Niche

Good morning! I am back at home and wearing about three layers of's cold! As promised, I wanted to share with you my fabulous weekend at Paper Niche. First of all, I want to thank Tammy for being the perfect hostess and I am not exaggerating, she always takes care of every detail and makes me feel very loved and special. We are standing next to our favorite corner in the store.

Many of my students throughout the weekend are artists themselves so I was challenged left and right. I want you to meet them:

This is Luci, an amazing teacher, designer, friend, and she is also a police officer!!! The first time I met her she was wearing her uniform and was walking trough the aisles... I thought there was a problem of some sort! It turned out she was shopping for her next class!!!She loves flowers and ATC's. You can visit her blog HERE.

This is Karla and she is from Venezuela too! We've been friends through blogging and we finally met in person. She made this gorgeous card for me, thank you Karla! Her work is fabulous and you can see it HERE.

This is my sweet friend Cassia who is an amazing designer of  interactive pages and her nickname is scrapbooking bug. Her work is very unique and she even has them on video! You can visit her HERE.

This is my precious friend Elena. Let me tell you about this lady.... she is a criminal lawyer by trade but when she discovered scrapbooking about 5 years ago, her world was turned upside down! Not only it has given her "sanity" (in her own words) but has also led her to another level of sensitivity for women through the gift of paper. She is an artist at heart! You can visit her HERE

This is Michelle and you can see her designer's eye when you look at the page she made. She is an interior designer by trade and a scrapbooker at heart.

This is sweet and talented Mindy. Again, we knew each other through blogging and on Saturday evening we met in person and were able to spend some time together. You can visit her HERE.

She made me this gorgeous card, I love it! Thank you Mindy!

This is the one and only, fun and creative, Maevan... and talk about being on fire for crafts! This lady plays with everything she can get in her hands and turns it into something amazing! She made this canvas album  for Jessica. You can visit Maevan's blog  HERE

This is Jessica, the queen of modeling paste! She is making this album for her son who loves planes. This album is gorgeous!!!!!

This is Karen and as I write her name I get a HUGE smile in my heart! You see, when you hang out with her all you do is laugh and be inspired. Let me show you what she made during our crop on Saturday night:

Yes, it is a stickle holder!!!! She made it from scratch and she also bought tiny glass bottles and filled them with stickles to make the base pretty!!!! Isn't it fabulous? She held them with Velcro.

This is my dear friend Marta who loves vintage and altered items. She also makes vintage jewelry.  Her work is fabulous! You can visit her  HERE.

And there were many more wonderful ladies and memories throughout the weekend.

Thank you Paper Niche and friends for an amazing and unforgettable weekend! I'll see you in March!


  1. Wow! Looks like you all had a blast!! Where in Florida is Crestview?

  2. Bea, I'm glad you had so much fun and have made so many sweet, TALENTED friends! I'm going to spend my morning checking out their blogs in between load after load of laundry. And OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stickle holder! What a GREAT idea! I see a shopping trip in my future and it involves everything in that project. Such a helpful, cute idea!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun with all your friends!! I will check all their blogs, thank you Beatriz for sharing with us!!

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time. I am going to have to join the "crop with Beatriz" next time you are in town. hugs, vero

  5. It looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing everyone's crafts.

  6. How fun to meet your friends. I love that you listed their vocation as too often people stereotype us as non working woman or woman with a lot of time on their hands which is so untrue. Paper crafters come from all aspects of life and all classes of people all are unified by a desire to create!
    Look at how much fun you have.... BLESSED MY FRIEND YOU ARE BLESSED! ... me too!

  7. What an amazing and talented group! Can't wait to visit their blogs and see more of their work! Stay warm!

  8. Beatriz, Hey I'm on the Gulf Coast. Between Ft. Myers and Sarasota!

  9. It Looks like you had a really good weekend ! You always have very nice people around you and that is because of YOU amazing Beatriz !
    I'm so glad that you and my dear Venezuelan friend Karla met together in person... I will be honest with you: I'm jealous (xoxoxo)

    Thanks for share with us all great pics and all blogs of your talents friends ! (I'm going to check them now)

    Have a great Wednesday ;-)

  10. It is so neat seeing all the great friends you have made through crafting! There is some serious talent there!! Wow! But I must say... gotta have the stickles holder! The way you can see all the colors and store them upside down is soooo clever!! Welcome back!
    Barb :)

  11. Wow, all the pictures and all the projects look awesome!!! All of you look so happy and look to be having soooo much fun!!!

    Beatriz, you're so cute and so funny -- even living here in Chicago and being subjected to cold winters, I don't do all THAT layering!!! How cold/layered were you when you were here?!!! LOL!

  12. I had so much fun! I'm def. going to have to come back and crop with you in March! Maybe we will have some more time to play together!

  13. Sounds like and looks like you had a great time meeting and scrappin with new friends, I too will go back and check out there blogs. Wish I lived by the Paper Niche...

  14. awww looks like everyone had a great time...and awesome projects!!! I really am lovin the stckles holder and all of their work is just amazing!

  15. Hi Bea!!! Wao que bellas quedaron las fotos, fue un placer para mi compartir esas pocas horitas contigo, muchas gracias por todo y espero que se repita, cuando termine mis dos projecticos te los muestro, besitos y la pase super!!! Love
    Karla U

  16. I had a great time at the Cricut Class. Can't wait for the March class.

  17. Hey Bea "Stickle Stacker lady here" I had so much fun at the crop. Looking forward to March to crop and since that is my Birthday weekend I plan on taking some classes. You are the best.