Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am home!

Good morning! I am back after a wonderful time in Tampa and Chicago with our son and family at the end of his baseball season. Grandpa Steve got to meet his precious granddaughter Madison Rose! He was nervous at first but shortly after he really enjoyed holding her. She is already a month old!

These are some summer/beach layouts I made while I was away. I got a chance to scrap in both cities!!!

Love to add different textures to my pages!

Have a great and blessed day!


  1. Welcome home Beatriz!!! How is grandpa??

    I remember those layouts what a great time we had!! I learned so much from you when you were here, thank you!!
    I miss you :)

  2. Look how big she is getting already and grandpa really looks proud of this little one!
    Love the beach layout and look at that sun! TFS

  3. Bienvenida de nuevo, que hermosa foto!!!!!! me recuerda tantos momentos felices, Dios la bendiga a Usted y su familia!!!!

  4. Beatrice, welcome back!!! OMG, I am so sorry I didn't get an opportunity to see you while you were here. Things just never seem to happen at times that are most convenient. There would have been nothing better than to spend time meeting and chatting with you as opposed to my actual circumstance. Hopefully, the next time you're here, we're get the chance -- I'll be certainly praying on it.

    The picture of you and your family is just wonderful! I could just smother that precious baby with soooo much love and attention! LOL!!! Of course, you're layout page is amazing -- your pages always are!

    Hugs, my sweet friend! Again, I'll be looking forward to your next trip with the hope and prayers of getting together with you!