Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning!  Here we go again with Christmas layouts!  Don't you just love gingerbread men?  They are soooo cute!  Andrew is a HUGE fan of the movie Shrek where one of the characters is a gingerbread man who gets his legs broken off by the evil Lord Farquaad.  When he was given a real gingerbread man for the first time, he picked it up and bit off one of the legs!  It was sooo funny!  Also, my husband loves the frosted mini-gingerbread man cookies from Trader Joe's.  Having them in the house during Christmastime is a must.
This layout is made with a banner made of little felt gingerbread men.

Here's a layout with both a traditional Santa and a more cartoonish one.


This one has a little bit of everything, including some birds.

I designed this layout for Treasured Memories the last time I was there.

Thanks very much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. Love them all! You create beautiful Christmas layouts!

  2. Oh my, you are so ready with your Christmas album.
    Love them all, but my favorite is the gingerbread man!!