Monday, November 10, 2014

There's beauty all around...

Good morning and happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was as lovely and restful as mine.  I took the longest nap ever after I came home from church yesterday afternoon!  I didn't even know what day it was when I finally woke up and it was already dark outside.  I don't do that often enough, I guess.

These are layouts filled with color and layers. I designed them for Treasured Memories last month.

Julie Nutting dolls always look amazing no matter where you put them.

Madison and Andrew have been able to spend a lot of time together this year. They love each other very much and really enjoy being together, regardless of both wanting the same toy ALL THE TIME!!!

 My friend Sherry took these lovely pictures of them. Thank you my sweet friend and thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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  1. There is beauty all around, not only in your layouts but more so in the love you have for your grandchildren. TFS!