Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Hive

Good morning!  Guess what am I doing this weekend?  Yes, you got it right.... scrapping!  The best part is that it will be with my dear Hive, along with the Birds and the Butterflies.  Yes, all of those "creatures" in a hotel conference room scrapping for three days and nights together!  Okay, let me 'splain.... Back in 2009 when our original group of friends got together, someone thought that we should have a name.  We settled on Bea's Hive (my name is Beatriz=Bea) and we are all Bees.  Later on, other friends would scrap with us and ask for "membership", but the Hive is "closed".  Eventually, we decided to let them form their own groups! The Birds got their name because the members are Raven, Robin, Lark (actual first names), Parrott (real last name) and T-Bird!  The Butterflies got their name beause they are always "flying" to where they smell scrapbooking!  We have another group of friends in Baltimore which chose their name to be "Bea's Bay Babes".  I wonder if we will ever get the "Ladybugs" or the "Black Widows". Here's a layout dedicated to the bees.

If your group has a name, let me know about it. Mail me a picture of your group and I will post ot here and on my Facebook page. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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