Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's All About the Bling

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  I love this time of the year as we move into Prom season.  It's great to see the high school girls put away their ripped jeans for one night and get dressed up so elegantly.

I didn't go to Prom in high school because in my country it didn't exist.  My sister came to the States for her last two years of high school.  She got asked to the Prom by a couple of guys, but turned them both down because she really didn't know what Prom was.  A few days before Prom, she decided that she wanted to go, but no one was available.  That's when my DH stepped in and took her.  Aside from some of the teacher chaperones, he was the only 25 year old there!

Here's a layout that I made in honor of all of those Senior Prom's going on!

Thanks for visiting today!  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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