Thursday, September 15, 2016

City or Paradise?

Good morning! I have an anecdote to share.... I was going to take my grandaughter Carolina to music class at 9:30 am yesterday morning when I found myself locked out of the house and of my car! Her diaper bag with her bottle, my purse, keys and cell phone were in there too and all the doors and windows of my house were locked! Carolina and I walked around our block knocking on doors, but NO ONE was home! I have AAA but could not call them because I had no cell phone nor ID Card. Finally after 30 minutes or so of knocking at doors one neighbor came to our rescue and invited us into her house until my hubby came home 1 hour later. (He was at the dentist.)  Carolina and I ended up spending a beautiful time with a lady who has stage 4 breast cancer. We laughed, talked, prayed and laughed some more and what could have been a disaster it turned out into a lovely and blessed morning. Sometimes God has other plans for us that day. If we are willing to follow his direction we will see Him at work and rejoice in His leading and love!
Todays layouts are about the busy city of New York and a peaceful setting in the country side. 
Have a wonderful and blessed day and remember that if your plans happen to get changed, open your eyes and enjoy the ride!

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