Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Project

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  The week is half over.  More than half for me because I leave for the Craft Escape at Coronado Springs, Orlando on Friday morning.  The car is gassed up and I'm ready to go.

This Summer, Andrew is going to camp at his pre-school and Carolina is spending a lot of time with her schoolteacher father who is off for the Summer.  Nonetheless, I still have them over several afternoons a week.  We started a project which is a large world map that needs to be colored.  It's so big that it takes up the entire dining room table.  They're doing it in "mixed media".  Some days they're using Crayolas, another day it will be markers and other days it will be water color paint.

Andrew already knows most of the countries.  The only issues we're having is that Andrew is not pleased with his sister's coloring skills.  (She does not stay within the lines as well as he does.)

Here's a layout that I can use to put photos like the one above.  They can travel all around the world with ever leaving my dining room!

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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