Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas present....

Good morning! Hope you are having a fabulous time with family and friends. My son Danny and his wife Lexie called us early morning yesterday to tell us "Merry Christmas Abuela"! Yes..... they are expecting their first baby and I am going to be grandma!!!!!! You can only imagine the joy and happiness in our family.
I will be scrapping a lot of baby pages next year for sure....

This week I am sharing with you the pages I have made from our trip to Chicago.

This restaurant's walls were filled with graffitti and everyone's name. Of course my husband and children had to leave their "footprints" there too.

Have a blessed and fabulous day!


  1. Congrats Bea, that is awesome news! Love the lo's and I bet the pizza was faboulous!

  2. First of all ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I know you must be sooo happy, and I'm sooo happy for you and for them!!!
    And Bea, your layouts are fabulous!!!! Love the photos and the papers are perfect!!! Have a wonderful day!!!! Hugs!!!

  3. Ahhhh!!!!! Congrats grandma!!! How exciting!! Congrats to your son and his wife too. They will make beautiful babies!

  4. Oh, wow! Such exciting news! It is wonderful being a grandmother .. big congrats! Love your pages and glad you are having such a super holiday!

  5. Your pages are WONDERFUL and it looks as if you all had a MARVELOUS time! TFS

  6. Felicidades abuela!! woohooo!! great news Beatriz congrats!! and about your layouts what can I say?? I love everything you used in everyone you are my inspiration!!

  7. Beatriz, Your layouts are Awesome as usual. CONGRATULATIONS Grandma!!!!!!! That is so exciting. I hope that new baby loves it's picture taken, because we want to see lots of baby layouts. Happy New Year to you my friend. Shari (cricutrookie)

  8. Oh, Beatriz!!! What wonderful news to read on my return to blogging!!! Congratulations to all of you on the awaiting of one the sweetest "little" gift God can give!!!

    I still wish you had called me while you were here in Chicago. I would have tried to take a bit of time to come to just meet you! It would have been worth it to me.

    I am so happy you and your family enjoyed such a wonderful holiday! And I wish you so many blessing throughout the New Year!!!

    Hugs, my beautiful friend!

  9. Congratulations on soon becoming a Grandma!!! How very exciting for your family and think of the fun scrapping you will get to do! Babies really are the best scrappy subjects!! :) Lovely LO's!!!

  10. Oh oh...Bea! I have tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!
    I am sooooooooooo excited for you that I just can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could have babies forever but that's pretty unrealistic, right? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its exciting to think that your life is going to change again, just like when you have your "own" kids, its just as great (or so I hear since I"m in kid mode, not yet Grandma mode, hehehe)
    I am soooooo soooooooo happy to hear your news!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OMGGGG!!!! /bea i am soooo happy for you!!

  12. Came on this evening to read your blog and read the exciting news, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to you both, I know you will make wonderful grandparents and all the fun and excitement you will have over the years. Being a grandparent has been the highlight of our lives and I know it will be for you too..... Hugs..

  13. More fabulous layouts! Congrats on the joyous news! I'm so happy for you and your family!