Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Good morning! Our son Danny is 24 years old today and I want to wish him a blessed and fabulous birthday from my blog. (Yes, he reads it!!!).  He also starts his first season with the Oakland Athletics Baseball team (Spring Training) today! Wow.... talk about excitement all at once...

I've been making these tags for future pages. I have been using many of my pretty embellishments, lace and ribbons. I made them in soft colors, lots of white, pink and beige.

Have a blessed day!


  1. How exciting for your son! Your tags are so beautiful - someday I hope to attemp something like that!

  2. Beatriz, you have to be one of the most talented ladies I have come across. Your designs in this post are gorgeous, no, breathtaking. I love all those colors. Happy Birthday to your handsome son.

  3. Beautiful tags, so soft and vintage and SPARKLY ! LOL! Happy birthday to your son and congrats again on the A's! How exciting!

  4. Happy Birthday Daniel!! Felicidades por el cumpleanos de tu hijo!! no soy muy amante de las tags, pero me enomorado de estas, estan hermosas que creatividad tienes!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!!! When I get home I'm going to show Damian your picture. HE LOVES baseball and we are all SOOOOO ready for the games to begin. Thank you for being such an inspiration to the young boys with a dream ♥ Wishing you lots of luck always!!! Bea LOVE your tags - they are GORGEOUS....the soft colors are beautiful!! You have a beautiful family - God bless you ALL!!!!

    Hugs, T

  6. Wow that really is exciting. I work in Oakland and live in the East Bay,I've been an A' fan I have to admit since the early 70's. Love your Blog and will look forward to seeing your Son.

  7. Happy Birthday Danny and Congrats to you and Lexie on soon to be a Daddy and Mommy!!!!
    I know that you both will be great parents!
    Many Blessings,
    Tammy(Tommie Hyde's Mom)

  8. A whooping big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a congratulations for making the team!!! I think it's wonderful he reads your blog!!! Most young men wouldn't take the time -- how proud you must be of him.

    And, Beatriz, those tags are to just die for; they're so beautiful!!!

  9. Happy belated to Daniel !!! Muchas bendiciones para tu galanzote bello !!! Y q sigan los exitos en su Base Ball (beisbol - como se dice en tu pais! jeje)

    Maria Elena.-