Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dad, Go Fish!

Good morning!  I was inspired to do this page in honor of all of the fisherman out there for Father's Day.  And although my son likes to fish, the only fish my husband catches are the ones from the supermarket that are already cleaned!

This reminds me of a funny story.  A few years ago our son was in a fishing tournament.  His mother-in-law sent us about ten pounds of fish all cleaned & fileted, frozen in a huge zip-lock bag.  My husband took it out of the freezer so that it would thaw enough for him to split them up into smaller bags.  Not knowing this, I figured that he wanted me to cook them, so I got my biggest pot and made fish stew.  Even though I grew up two blocks from the Caribbean, I do not eat fish, so my husband ate fish stew twice a day for about two weeks.  Pretty soon he was asking me to check and see if he had sprouted gills!

Even though this is a "manly-man" page, I snuck in a little "bling" disguised as bubbles.  Do you think the fathers in your life will notice?

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


  1. Funny store Bea and love the layout. Like the netting that you put on there!!

  2. Girl you are a mess.peg

  3. You're so funny Beatriz, and I think they love bling too LOL

  4. Great page and funny story... I wouldn't know how to cook it either! Have a blessed day.