Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Good morning!  I labeled this layout "Gratitude" when I started writing this blog.  As soon as I typed the word, it hit me... I have never felt such a gratitude towards God than today.  This past weekend we got to see our son, Danny, in Atlanta as he played baseball there with the AAA Yankees.  We saw him pitch two amazing innings.  He retired every batter he faced.  We spent the weekend shopping, walking, eating, & talking.  Since we took Andrew with us, Danny got to see him too.  None of us had seen Danny since March.  On Monday afternoon, Danny was unexpectedly traded to the Seattle Mariners.  This will be his 4th move this summer.  All of these moves might seem unsettling, but we are grateful that there have been all of these opportunities for him to do what he loves to do most.

This is my "Gratitude" layout using Teresa Collins papers.

You can see more details here.

This paper says "Gratitude, live with gratitude".   I sure don't write enough about what I am grateful for.  I will start tomorrow, especially about the small things in life, the everyday things that we take for granted.

Sorry that I have been somewhat melancholy today, but if you are a mom you will understand my heart.  No matter how grown up our kids are, they are always our babies at heart.  Enjoy your loved ones today and hug them for no reason at all.  Have a great and blessed day!


  1. I wouldn't say you are melancholy today. You are a mom and Mom's always worry no matter how big we get as a child. Remember God has plans for all of us and sometimes we don't understand those plans. Just remember he is doing what he loves and wanted to do his whole life. Now the layout love the brown's it makes the layout very rich looking. Hugs to you and your family.
    Love the Friendly Stalker

  2. B this is soooo awesome!!! All the trades get better and better.....GOD IS GOOD!!!! My son just oooo'd and aaaaahhhhh'd over this picture. We admire Danny so much. I always refer to him when I tell my son "You can be ANYTHING you want to be in life - with God and through him, anything is possible!!!" Your grandson is so adorable. God bless you and your beautiful family always!! BESITOS, T (PS - your layout is spectacular as always!!)

  3. Creo que nadie mejor que yo te entiende ahora... cuando uno es madre su mundo se llena de alegria y de tristesa a la misma vez, pero mientras ellos sean felices uno lo es tambien...
    No nos queda mas que seguir queriendolos como siempre y consentirlos como lo que son... NUESTROS BEBES!!
    Cuidate mucho y sigue consintiendo a tus hermosos bebes :)

  4. Hello, my dear-sweet Beatriz! Thank you so much for the wonderful card! I am feeling so much better and ready to get back to all of you -- my wonderful blog family -- that I've missed tremendously!

    My friend, it is such a blessing that you didn't take seeing your son for granted so I can understand your being grateful; everything and every day of our lives are a gift. Also your layout is just as lovely as I'd expect your work to be.

    I've missed you, my friend. I'll be back soon!