Thursday, March 28, 2013

Me, a Dog Lover???

Happy Thursday!  Recently I've been asked to make several doggy layouts.  This first one was designed for a friend of mine and the second one for Paper Niche.  I like dogs at a distance and when they belong to someone else.  BUT guess what?  I am stuck with Andrew's dog!  He is an adorable Puggle and his name is Moses.  He used to be our "baby" and he even had his own scrapbook album!  Then ... Andrew came along.  Now Moses is not the baby anymore and he is traded back and forth between my house and Andrew's house.  When Andrew is here, Moses is over there and when Andrew is not here, Moses is at my house!  Growing up in my country, dogs lived outside.  I do not know about now, but in those days my dogs (German Shepherd, Indian Mastiff, Bulldog, etc., etc., etc.) all lived OUTSIDE!  Moses LOVES to eat Andrew's toys and he sneaks them under the bed.  He also LOVES Andrew's disgusting dirty diapers!  Well, let me just stop there.... this is about "happy scrappin" after all, right?

This is our Moses.  Please do not let my family know that I just vented here on my blog, shhhhhh......and if you know a dog-trainer-for-grandmas, please let me know!!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. he is such an adorable dog...i had to laugh as my sister has the same situation...her daughter's "baby" now lives with her since the real baby came along...

  2. shhhhhhhh your secret is going to be safe with me lol.... super cute layouts, so perfect for my baby's (dogs) I have to two beautiful chow chow's

  3. I'm not a dog lover myself, but I enjoyed looking at your doggie l/o's. I had to laugh at the Doggie Bucket List, that was hilarious.

  4. If you had to wear a Gator Shirt you wouldn't be so happy either.. ONLY KIDDING. He is adorable but cats are better. Love the layouts
    Friendly Stalker Kelli Here