Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Monday!

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was very peaceful and I actually got a chance to scrapbook a lot and to rest as well.

This is one of the layouts I designed for Treasured Memories over the summer.  It was a kit and it sold out before I even finished it!

That layout is perfect for pictures such as these ones..... This is my daughter Valerie when she was 2 (1982) wearing a beautiful dress my parents brought her from Europe.

And this is her daughter Carolina wearing the same dress 33 years later!!! I made a Hope Chest for Valerie since she was born  (filled with her precious possesions as she grew up). I gave it to her the day of her wedding. She opened it when she started having babies and right away started enjoying things that meant a lot to her.

She's doing the same thing for Carolina and this dress,of course, will be in it! It is in perfect shape ready for the next generation!

I hope this put a smile in your face this morning and inspires you to treasure the little things in life which at the end make the big things thast we remember.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!