Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crazy for You

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  How often do we look at someone else and think "Wow, I wish that my family was more like theirs and not crazy like mine."?  Truth be known, they're probably thinking the same thing about you and your family!  Sometimes "crazy" is a good thing.

Here's a new layout that I made for pictures of my crazy family.  A two page layout might not be enough.  I may have to make an entire album.

Here are Andrew & Carolina on their way to one of their favorite destinations, the Florida Museum of Natural History.  They go there just about every week.  In fact, they're having their birthday party there in a couple of weeks.  Crazy?  Perhaps.

And here's Carolina in one of her many "princess outfits".  For her, this is daily attire.  Crazy?  Maybe.

And here she is with her princess pajamas and butterfly wings, caught red handed!  Not with her hand in the cookie jar, but with my lipstick!  This is how she likes to take naps.  Crazy?  Very definite possibility/

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a blessed day and remember that crazy can be a good thing.

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