Friday, January 29, 2016

Movie Night

Good morning and happy Friday!  Do you have plans for the weekend?  Me, I'm off to Alabama to scrap with The Hive for a couple of days.  I can hardly wait!

Our lives have become so hectic these days that we're having to actually schedule time to be together as a family.  This has brought us things like game night, date night and, of course, movie night.  Back in the day we didn't have much choice as to what we would watch.  The TV networks took care of that!  If you weren't in your chair when the movie started, too bad for you.  And you had to schedule your bathroom breaks around the commercials.

But with the advent of video players, DVD's, Netflix and so on, we can watch whatever and whenever we want.  We can pause and start it back up to our heart's content and re-play certain scenes over and over!  Who doesn't love movie night?

Here's a new layout of mine titled just that; Movie Night.  A very popular kit, indeed.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed day and a safe and restful weekend!

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