Monday, May 23, 2016


Good morning and happy Monday!  Welcome to a new and exciting week.

I've had one of the most delightful adventures with my daughter Valerie yesterday afternoon. She gave "us" a present for Mother's Day to go to an event called "Paint with a Twist". Well, after two hours we decided we better stick to paper crafts! Even though the class was for a turtle I ended up with an octopus! Andrew loved it since it is his favorite animal. 

Look at my turtle!!!!

Andrew was one happy little boy! Thank you for stopping by! Check out all the new kits I posted yesterday. Click on the shopping girl in the upper left andn she will take you to the KIT'S page. Have a fabulous and blessed Monday!

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  1. Painting with a Twist is really fun but as my sister said, I should stick to scrapbooking.