Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Never a Dull Moment

Happy Tuesday dear friends! Are you getting excited about Thanksgiving and Black Friday? I sure am! As you know, I've been bound to bed/home for the last 5 weeks because of my latest back surgery. My sister and niece were here for a while "babysitting" me. Some days were filled with movies, crafts and visitors. Other days we had soooo much time in our hands that I ended up getting into BIG trouble!

I decided that I wanted a new look and wanted to have straight hair. My niece drove me to Walmart and we went straight to the hair department. A young man advised us to use this amazing product that will make your hair "very straight and very shiny". We were so excited that we did not read directions nor ask for advice from anyone else. We got home and started the process.  Everything was smiles and pictures until my hair started breaking off before we did the last step!!! You could imagine my screams, laughs and tears (all at the same time). When we finally googled the product we discovered that it was for African-American hair and contained lye!!!

This is my sweet husband trying to find something to help me out.  He discovered something called "Gorilla Snot".  He also commented that the product I had used worked great.  All of the hair that had broken off was laying on the floor very straight!

I am glad I had made a layout perfect for these pictures.  It's titled "Hello Gorgeous". 

Here is me yesterday getting another "new look". The nice, wise and patient hairstylist told me that the only way to fix it 100% would be to shave my head entirely but if I didn't mind conditioning it 7 times a day for the next 6 months, this new look will work.  My husband's unsolicited comment was "Time Cures All".

I am convinced that the Lord has done a great thing inside of me regarding my self-esteem. Not only I've enjoyed the laughs every time I remember this event, but I am also  glad that I still feel "beautiful"!!!! Laugh no matter what. Smile when things don't go your way. Give thanks to the Lord even in the midst of your mistakes.  

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Have a wonderful, blessed and fun day, no matter what! 

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  1. I just had to laugh about the Dark and Lovely. You are so precious.