Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding in the horizon....

My son Daniel is getting married on December 5 to the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world! They are high school sweet-hearts, and after 6 years together, they will make one of the biggest commitments of their life - To love one another until death do them apart- How romantic, how beautiful, how exciting! They are made for each other. One their biggest strenght is that they are best friends and they have fun together. wow... in about 6 months I have to "give my son away!". (I don't remember reading that on my instruction manual the day he was born!). I was inspired tonight to make these pieces which I am sending to a dear friend in Houston. We started to do a swap every month. This month is "titles for pages". As you can see, I did more than a title... I just couldn't stop! I found beautiful embroidered lace, pearls and shiny paper. Hope she likes them! I do.

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! I love the "Soulmates" title, and, the supplies you used are so beautiful, just like how every woman dreams her wedding will be.