Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flower Tutorials

 Happy Wednesday! Today I want to share with you  these flower tutorials. Have fun!

 Stitched Ribbon Flower by Beate Johns

  • Ribbon or lace
  • Needle and thread
  • Button or brad
  1. Step 1

    Start running the needle through the edge of the ribbon or lace in big stitches.
  2. Step 2

    Continue to stitch the edge of the ribbon until you arrive at the other end.
  3. Step 3

    Keep the needle on the thread and pull the thread to bunch the ribbon together in a circle.
  4. Step 4

    Line up the two ends of the ribbon on top of each other.
  5. Step 5

    Stitch the two ends of the ribbon together.
  6. Step 6

    Turn flower over so the seam is in the back. Now pull the thread ends again until the flower is a shape you like.
  7. Step 7

    Turn the flower back over and tie the thread in a knot and cut off.
  8. Step 8

    Add a button or brad in the flower center.

No-Sew Fabric Flower by Lil Blue Boo

Materials Needed:
Fabri-Tac or other tacky fabric adhesive
Chenille Pipe Cleaners
Glue Gun
Fabric Scraps
To make a flower, first I start by connecting two chenille pipe cleaners together. I've found that two make the perfect size flower:

For each flower you need a 20" x 2" fabric scrap. Start by putting a long bead of Fabri-Tac along the strip:

Starting at one end start rolling the fabric around the pipe cleaner. The key is not to roll to tight or too perfect....just kind of haphazardly roll your fabric up:

If you run out of fabric before you get the pipe cleaners covered just add another piece in as you go:

Once the pipe cleaner is covered with fabric, start at one end and begin rolling the flower into a spiral shape, adding in a small bead of Fabri-Tac every few inches as you go:

You'll develop your own technique for rolling as you go....I have kind of a roll, roll, then twist technique to make mine look a little fuller and shabby:

As you get to the end of your flower, tuck the "tail" under the flower with a dab of Fabri-Tac and use a small clothespin to secure. Let the Fabri-Tac set for about 30 minutes.

I like to mix all different textures of of these flowers was a cotton gauze, one part of a upcycled golf shirt and another was some floral knit.

You can make ribbon "leaves" by twisting pieces of ribbon, secure with a pin, and add a dab of Fabri-Tac:

Once all of your flowers have had time to set, add a large amount of Fabri-Tac to the bottom of each flower but keeping about 1/4" to 1/2" away from the edge of the flower:

Place your flowers down onto a piece of felt in the shape that you prefer:

Add in your ribbon leaves between the flowers and felt before the glue has a chance to set, adding more Fabri-Tac if needed:

My favorite part? I like to "mash" all the flowers together for about a minute so that they don't look too perfectly round and so that they form into one another. With the pipe cleaners inside and the Fabri-Tac they will retain some of this "mashed" shape once you let go:

One your glue has set, carefully trim the felt around the flowers so it isn't visible when the flowers are right side up:

You can use your flowers on your pages, on your t-shirts or make a gorgeous headband!

Have a fabulous and blessed Wednesday!


  1. Thanks Beatriz! More flower tuts to add to my arsenal, lol. I love these!

  2. Awesome tutorial Beatriz. Thanks so much for sharing. Shari (cricutrookie)

  3. What great tutorials, Bea. I have done the first one several times but the second is new to me! I will have to dig around for some pipe cleaner and give those a shot! They are adorable! Have a happy day! I am getting ready to clean house and then start my cooking! Hugs!

  4. wow are those cool. I love how you share thse unique tutorials with us. Thanks

  5. Beatriz, these are beautiful!!! Thanks for the great tutorials!

    Have a blessed, warm and beautiful Thanksgiving!

  6. Wow!! I love your tutes!! The first one is easy enough that I think I can even do it!! And it is so adorable!! I really enjoyed seeing how you created the spiral flowers. I just finished make several of these for hair accessories and I used hot glue and really burnt my fingers over and over! This seems much easier! Thanks!
    barb :)

  7. LOVE IT!!! I will be trying this for my daughter...thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, T