Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hello! Another fabulous black Friday come and's been our "family tradition" to dress in black and wear silly hats on black Friday and to go shopping at midnight until dawn. Well, this year my children were not with me so I invited some of my friends to join me in the fun.... This year I was "The Snow Queen of the South", my friend Deidre was Santa's Princess and Maria was Rudolph. We started shopping at 10 pm on Thursday and crashed at Cracker Barrel for breakfast at about 8:30 am the following day. Yes, I went to sleep at about 1 pm on Friday and got up the following morning at 7 am!!!! (That's what happens when you forget you are in your  fifties...ha, ha, ha).

This is the Christmas card I designed for The Pink Elephant Challenge. This is one of  the fabulous digi stamps from the  Puddle Jumper collection designed by Lori Boyd called "Nativity" and you can see more right  here. 
I used a page of an old Hymn book as my background.

 This card is made with the Lollipop Christmas Bundle I digi stamps, also designed by Lori Boyd. I used puffy paint for their hats and Christmas boots.

I made this card using cardboard, burlap and my new leaf punch. It  is posted today at


  1. I love your getups you all wore on black Friday. I'm still catching up on my sleep, I know what you mean about 50's. Love the cards, my favorite is O Worship the King. Have a great day, Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. You look adorable! You're going better than me staying up that late, and I'm only in my 20s!!! Phew, I stayed up til midnight Friday and woke up at 6 am and by noon I was ready to go home and take my old lady nap =) Super cute cards and I love the new punch!

  3. OMG, you look too adorable!!! What great pictures!!! Sounds like you have such fun on black Fridays; I don't think I know anyone who plans it as an "event" but I'm not surprised you do -- you always sound like you go for "the gusto" in life and I love that about you!

    Your projects are so cute too! As always, you do have something to keep us tintillated and mouth watering -- LOL!

    Hope you had a wonderful and Blessed thanksgiving too, my sweet and loving friend!


  4. I love black friday shopping also, and loved your idea of wearing black for it....great pictures and love all your cards.

  5. Oh, Bea, you are too funny. So glad you love your Black Friday shopping. I've sort of given up it for my jammies and online shopping LOL Love your cards and my word .. that leaf punch is awesome. Is that MS?

  6. Love your cards..... I enjoyed meeting you guys for breakfast... and you used one of my pics, I'm honored

  7. Look at how cute you and your friends are!! I love the funny hat idea! My shopping got cut short when my 19 year old got sick and my 8 year old got tired! Oh well... there is always next year!! Love all your cards... especially the one you used they hymn as your background! Darling!
    barb :)