Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love Dumbo!

Good morning!  I was in a colorful Disney mood yesterday and came up with this for my grandson-to-be.  By the time he's born in January, he should have at least a couple of albums ready for photographs.

I guess I should have come to expect it by now.  When I got home yesterday from Ft. Lauderdale, my darling husband presented me with another (I think this makes five) video.  This time I think he's really flipped his lid.  In this one he thinks he's some kind of a great scrapbooking detective.  He calls this one:

Sherlock Homeboy and the Case of the Paper Saver

Next time I leave town, I'm taking my Cricut with me for sure!!!

Oh my goodness.  He just told me that this will make a great title for a future video -

Have Cricut - Will Travel

He just ran to the closet to look for his cowboy hat!!!

Have a blessed day ... and please pray for my crazy husband.


  1. Love the layout and I am sure your Grandson will have tons of albums,and your husband is a riot and may I say very creative.

  2. Mary Ann UhrenholdtAugust 10, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    You can't take it with you. I love his videos!
    Getting his cowboy hat out of the closet? Tell him not to squat with his spurs on.

  3. Cricut "homeboy" is hysterical!!! I love this video!!! I wish my hubby was as precious -- he turns his nose up at my "artsy-fartsy". I agree this video has made my day and what a great method of pushing the paper saver button!

    Beatriz, your layout is just adorable -- I love that cute little Dumbo! You've done your usual fantastic job!

  4. Ok..just watched the video. Loved it! Steve is so funny! I also learned about the paper saver button. I didn't know that! Really cool!