Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bugs for Boys!!!

Good morning!  If you are a regular to this blog, then you know that I like to take my grandson, Andrew, on "nature hikes" every afternoon.  I like to let him touch the plants and flowers in God's mighty kingdom.  Usually, this can be accomplished along the walkway between our front door and the driveway.  I even like to "zip line" him over some flagstones that my husband put down.

A couple of weeks ago, Steve suggested that we go on a real nature hike to a nature preserve just down the road from our house.  On our way there we discovered that someone was keeping a family of emus in a wooded lot along the road.  When we got to the preserve we took this photograph for our daughter's weekly series, "Where's Andrew?".

At the end of the hike, as we were walking back up our street, I noticed that the biggest, most grotesque & nastiest bug I had ever seen in my life was perched on Steve's shoulder.  I screamed so loud that the neighbors probably thought I was being murdered!!! 

Steve told me that it was just an old click beetle and that I'd better get used to it.  I had no idea what he meant until he reminded me of all the "gifts of nature" (snakes, worms, lizards, bugs & so on) that our son, Danny, had brought into the house years ago when he was little.  I had completely forgotten (and I'm sure you will all understand why I decided to forget about such things!)

I decided that making this layout would be good therapy & prepare me for that unavoidable day in the future when Andrew starts bringing me treasures from the back yard.  I can hardly wait!!!

Have a lovely and blessed (and bug free) day!


  1. Wow, you certainly brought back memories with this post! My son used to bring home the nastiest things that I finally told my husband that I was never sticking my hands in the pockets of my sons pants or jeans and that what ever was in there would be exterminated by the washer and dryer as my fingers were not going to touch any more of those little critters!
    Uff Da, I have had many discussions with our Lord over the need of some of these creatures... but I am assured they are His! So I say thank you now and just walk away now.
    Your pages are adorable and a little creepy too with the little critters but I know when Andrew gets a little older he will LOVE them. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  2. Your are truely my hero when you can take bugs and put them on a layout and it looks awesome. I had a wonderful time last night but just like your layouts I'm never disappointed. I will have time to scrap this weekend so know you will be over my shoulder saying "now bring that color to the other side and don't forget your connector... Thank you again for sharing your God's gift to you with us.
    Love your Friendly Stalker.

  3. Hello! We just found out we are going to be Grandparents, and reading your blog makes me soooooo excited!!!!!!! My son lives on the East coast, he is serving our country as a United States Marine! We are in little old San Antonio, TX. I can not wait to meet that baby!!!!!! Thank you for the great inspiration!!!!!

  4. I hate bugs!!! I'm so glad you guys are having the best time of your life with Andrew, as I can see you are giving lots of inspirations for so many of your followers!! God is good with you my dear friend. I can not wait to go and visit you :)

  5. LOVE THIS! Perfect for my boys. Can I get one from you? Jill

  6. I love it!

    As I sit here, I can see my children's bug catchers in the back yard. Did I mention that a caterpillar escaped this fall in my house. I found the cocoon under my fridge.

  7. OMG, my son used to bring home bugs!!! Terrified me...lol!!!

    What a great grandma you are, spending time and teaching Andrew so much about nature!!!

    I always love the pictures and pages!!!


  8. Beatriz this layout is adorable and so is your grandson! Shari (cricutrookie)