Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday is Here!

Happy black Friday! Oh yeah, I am one of those who doesn't sleep Thanksgiving night. We have made it into a family tradition. My children and I dress in black (it's BLACK Friday, right?), wear Christmas hats and shop all through the night and into the day!  Sometimes we'll come home with a $3 coffee maker from Target or five Cricut machines from Walmart because I get caught up in the frenzy!!! (I took them all back later, of course).  I find it a thrill to venture into the crowds trying to save a dollar or two!

Yes, one year I was the SNOW QUEEN.

Today I am sharing this project which I made for a lovely lady from New Orleans last weekend. She is giving it to her sister and niece for Christmas.

So as you're reading this I'll be running from store to store, looking for bargains.  With enough rest on Saturday and Sunday, I'll be back at this blog by Monday.  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


  1. Love the idea of getting dressed in black. The photo memory tray is beautiful. I'm working on a Christmas one myself. TFS!