Monday, January 7, 2013

Andrew is ONE!

Good morning!  Today is Andrew's first birthday.  A year ago we were all excited awaiting his arrival. Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday with a Safari theme party at a local park here in Gainesville, Florida.

Here is the proud family arriving at the party.

We decorated a pavilion with "animal hide" balloons, crêpe paper and signs.

You might recognize these Cricut character cutouts!
Animal Kingdom Cricut Cartridge was in full swing the week before.

Or these ones, embellished with jungle leaves.

Here are the adoring grandparents.  (Check out "Jungle Steve's" zebra bandana!)
 This centerpiece is made with animals cut out on the Cricut machine

A quick costume change and Andrew is ready to blow out his first candle!

Here's the 4-layer jungle cake, specially designed and made by Andrew's mommy.

Andrew's mommy pretending to be a lion.  Just look at those fierce teeth!

We had chili, potatoes on the grill and all the fixin's.  Perfect for the cool weather.

The two piñatas, the elephant for the babies and the zebra for the older kids.
 They seem so happy right now.  They have no idea of what's in store for them.

Will somebody please call the ASPCA or PETA right away!!!

"OK, it's my turn now!"

We had very "fashionable" guests!

"Jungle Steve" takes the kids on a "Bear Hunt", a tradition handed down from his father.

My sister, Andi,  with a completely worn out Andrew.

"A-weema-wey, a-weema-wey ... the lion sleeps tonight"

Thank you for sharing Andrew's first year with us. Have a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. Andrew is so adorable and so is his family. This is one of the best decorated parties I have seen.

  2. What a great party! Andrew is too adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday Andrew! Your Cricut has been busy! Great party decor! I love it all.

  4. Beatriz, this has got to be the cutest party I've ever seen. Your grandson is a doll!! I always went all out for my daughters parties too. Memories they will have forever. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Andrew!

  5. Your grandson is so cute. Love the party decor. Thank you for sharing with us.