Tuesday, May 21, 2013

100% Boy

Good morning! I only have one layout to share with you today and it's all about boys. They sure love to play with dirt.

Andrew loves to take the bark off of the trees in our front yard! You can see him here holding a piece it like if it was a treasure.

And when we take him to the farm to visit his friend Penny the cow,  he loves to sit down next to her enclosure and play in the dirt.  I do not even want to think about what's in that dirt.  I just get out a big bottle of hand sanitizer when we leave and put it to good use.

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday!


  1. LOL he is for sure 100% boy :) I love your layout, from where did you cut the tree??

  2. Very cute l/o and I too loved your tree!!

  3. My grandson is just like that! It's another great layout!

  4. how cute is this layout or do I mean your grandson I mean both are cute..
    That's a cute little snail also.

    Friendly Stalker Kelli here