Thursday, May 16, 2013

School is almost out!

Good morning! I can't believe another school year is almost over.  So, in preparation for this beautiful event, I've been scrapping school and graduation layouts.

This first one is great for younger kids ...
...while this one can be used for anyone who is graduating because they've become as wise as the owl.

Andrew and Madison are still too young to go to school, but they sure are busy with classes such as music, gym, swimming and guided outdoor activities.  We spent Mother's Day weekend together in New Orleans and on Monday, we took them to the Children's Museum.  Unfortunately, it was closed so we ended up across the street at the WWII Museum.  I most say, they had sooo much fun!  Did they learn anything? I doubt it, but the memories are amazing!

The first thing they noticed was a lighted EXIT sign,  perfectly situated at their level.

They did not want to leave this wall!  They wanted to carry the big flags, too!

They loved one of the battle presentations.  So much so that they wanted to be in it!

Madison thinks she'll make a great Admiral.  She wants to move these ships around.

I must admit both mothers lost it after a little while ... we found them in the cafeteria playing with souvenir dolls!

Yes, here it is, proof of an amazing visit.

And these are the ever-growing Farquhar-Atohi families. (Danny, my son, is behind Madison's face).

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. Wow. what a nice family outing. And so glad to see that New Orleans is presenting WWII. I have been wanting my family to go to Wash. D.C. My brother, four of my cousins and one uncle were in it. Thank God they all returned safe and sound. My brother, a Marine, had to go into Nagasaki right after the A-Bomb.
    A remarkable time. ALL of U.S. A. participated. We had bomb shelters, air raid practice, search lights, flags in our window representing a family member in service, black outs. And we saved everything under the sun to contribute to the war effort. I digress. Happy you had a great time. The little ones are so cute.

  2. Hi Beatriz, been sick all day, but I finally made it here. Both layouts are very unique especially the first one. You have a beautiful family and your grandkids are adorable.