Monday, September 16, 2013

Dr. Seuss

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Mine was spent relaxing at home.  I actually got to play with some new wooden embellishments and paints.  My nails are a mess!  Oh, well... that's the price we pay.
Dr. Seuss' books were among my children's favorites. I think that they learned to read by memorizing them.  I made this layout recently and many mommy's and grandma's wanted one since they have a story just like mine.  There are some things that pass from generation to generation and this is one of them, don't you think?
Thank you for stopping by! Have a fabulous and blessed day and let the joy of the Lord be your strength today.

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  1. What memories your Dr. Suess layout brings to mind -- OMG!!! I think I might have learned to read through the books too, alllllll those many-many-many years ago when I was a child!!! LOL!!! God, as old as he is it's wonderful to still see him alive and kicking-- and inspiring.