Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nurses Care!

Good morning!  Here is a layout I made for nurses and all that they do.  This kit was very popular with my nurse friends!

Here is a photo of our son Danny and fellow teammate Charlie Furbush visiting a Seattle area children's hospital recently along with Mariner Moose.  What is it that they say?  "Laughter is the best medicine"!!!.

 Have a wonderful, smiley, happy and blessed day!


  1. Wonderful layout and picture!!! I agree -- nurses have their hands full and they do a great job that they often don't get enough credit for!

  2. Cute layout. Love the group photo, truly awesome!

  3. That is such a wonderful thing they're doing - and a great photo.

  4. Love the layout and how awesome is that danny get's to put smiles on the little ones faces all while doing what he loves to do. Life is good
    love the friendly stalker kelli here

  5. I love this layout. I have some pics of my daughter at hospital when she ripped the webbing between her baby toe, gross! I know!!! No running the house!! I said it, you said it, we all say it.The nurses don't get enough credit. Great LO to share how grateful we are for nurses and Madison's boo boo. I have 4 nurses in my family.

    1. I totally agree! My dad was a surgeon and he could have never done it without his wonderful staff of nurses. Check out the other one under KITS on this blog. It's filled with hearts, so cute!