Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Peggy!

Good morning! Today is my precious and dear friend's birthday and I would like to honor her by featuring her beautiful scrapbook room which she recently finished decorating.
This is Peggy sitting at her desk.  You will see in the next few pictures how her apron matches the teal, green, black and white color scheme of the room.
This is her desk which is petty tall (like Peggy).  It has shelves on three sides for storage.

I love the area rug.  Her husband put down the wood floor and did all of the painting and woodwork. Peggy says that he is a keeper!

This is a view of the right side of the room. She has a beautiful chandelier hanging right in the center of the room.

Her paper pads fit very neatly into these Recollections cubes from Michael's.  She has labeled the ends of all her pads to make them easier to find.  She has matching embellishments for most of her pads in the drawers beneath them.

Peggy is the queen of METAL.  She has three drawers (and each one has three trays) filled with goodies such as clocks, birds, wings, coins, etc.  (I follow her around when she shops in the jewelry section for her embellishments!)  She also loves chipboard and flowers.  They are organized by color in those drawers.  Right above the drawers are her papers organized by color.  On the left are her solid papers and on the right are her printed papers to match the solids.

This is a wonderful piece of furniture which matches her desk.  She has her treasures and meaningful gifts displayed here.

She has her thicker letters organized by color in a magazine holder.  They fit neatly and are very easy to access.

Here is the wall shelf where she keeps her ribbons and small embellishments organized.

Here is another desk in the room.  I love the boxes on top.  You can see how they are labeled so that you don't have to pull them down to find what you're looking for!
This is the closet which her husband built for her.  It's full of shelves.  She uses lots of 12 x 12 Iris boxes as well as the stackable ones.  These are the ones that she takes with her when she goes cropping.
This is just one of the many ways to organize your scrapbook room.  It works for Peggy.  She loves spending hours here and takes great pride on how it came out.  
I hope you've enjoyed looking at her new studio and are inspired to work on your own space.  Thank you for stopping by!  Have a fabulous and blessed day!

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  1. WOW I'm speechless is so beautiful!!! Everything well organized and cute, I love her desk ;) thank you for sharing :)