Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alaska Cruise

Good morning! Do you have a Bucket List? I do have a small one and one of my dreams is to go to Alaska. I believe next year my beautiful dream will come true!  As I was making plans with my daughter she said, Mom you need to start your album. Well, I did! 

Andrew and Carolina were getting very excited  as they listened to us talk about a big ship, whales and bears. I couldn't help to promise them that they would go too! That day they were wearing  the perfect outfits for the trip!

Is there a place you would like to visit? Let me know what it is and I might make you a layout to get you started just like I did mine! Have a fabulous and blessed Tuesday!

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  1. I think I would love to go on any cruise since I have never been....but a Mediterranean Cruise would be the best I think! Italy, Greece....such fun!