Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lakeside Property

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Well, we are finishing up with Hurricane Irma.  It arrived here Sunday night and, fortunately, did not cause the amount of damage here that it did elsewhere in the State.  For that we are thankful.

Our daughter and her family moved into their new home on Saturday and by Monday morning they were stranded.  There is just one street into and out of the neighborhood and it was under 8 feet of water.

Here is our view of them when we went by Monday.  (Andrew is in the red shirt.)

And here is their view of us.  (Our gray van is just above Valerie's head.)

Fortunately, they had electricity and more than enough supplies.  They also had a LOT of boxes that needed to be unpacked.

We were planning to go back on Tuesday with our kayak and shuttle things back and forth, but a kind-hearted neighbor whose back yard butts up to a single lane road to the west of them took out two sections of his fence so that cars could enter and exit through his yard.  Joey the panda was delivered to Carolina in the nick of time and George got a new chainsaw & fuel.  What stories they will have to tell!

Here is an older layout of mine that is perfect for pictures of their new lakefront property.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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