Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Tables of Love" and "Mini Album about us"

The Women's Ministry at my church hosted "Tables of Love" Dinner last night. My table was called "Lily Pads of Love".

I used my cricut  (Story Book Cartridge) to cut out many frogs in different sizes. I  made a large one for the back of the chairs.

I made small ones for candle holders,  gift bags, and  prayer cards for everyone. They took them home so they could scrap with them!

Amanda's table was "Hollywood". She looked very elegant and pretty!

Martha's table was "Christmas". It was sooooo inviting!

Deidra's table was "Fall". She wore a very elegant hat and her table was precious, filled with rich, Autumn's wonderful colors.

There were many more tables wonderfully decorated. The highlight of the night? Our husbands were our "servers".... guess who was there???

You guessed it correctly! My husband Steve. And he had to make his own "bow tie" because he couldn't find one in town! He made it out of black ribbon with white stitching on the sides. He looked so handsome!

My friend Leah (Designer/Coordinator) from Stuck On Us Sketches had a give away a few weeks ago and I was the blessed winner! She made this gorgeous mini album so I can put pictures of me and my husband. I received it yesterday and I was so happy because it is really beautiful! Here are more pictures.

You can visit her blog right here. Thank you Leah, I loved it!!!!!!


  1. What a "love"ly lily pad! The frogs turned out great.

    It must have been a fun dinner!

  2. All of the tables are so beautiful! Way to go getting some extra use out of the Cricut. Your mini book is really nice, hope you enjoy filling it up.

  3. Lovely! you did a great job and thanks for sharing what others did too. They all look great!

  4. What a wonderful event! I mean, I have never seen something so elaborate for a church function..its gorgeous and what a way to be with other Believers! And such handsome servers! (*whistle*whistle*)

    And awful glad you liked the mini! It was a pleasure making it for someone like you!!!!


  5. What a fabulous lily pad! We do that at my church between Thanksgiving and Christmas but everything is some form of Christmas or winter. Love your mini album .. what a great job she did! I know she she thinking of you and that wonderful hubby of yours!

  6. What a beautiful lily pad. You did an amazing job!

  7. That is one adorable table. Those frogs are so cute! I really like those types of dinners. And congrats on the album -- awesome!

  8. Oh how fun. I love when churches do dinners like this it is just too fun. We did it twice at our chuch in Chicago and it was a blast. You table is right out or a fairy tale! TFS as ot brought back many wonderful memories.

  9. Awesome tables and your hubby gets two thumbs up on making his bow tie! Have fun filling that darling album Leah made!