Friday, August 24, 2012

Cookie Time!

Good morning!  Seriously, who does not like cookies?  Somebody at my house surely does because they "evaporate" every time I bring them home!

You can see all the fun layers and embellishments here.

The "cookies" are inked, brown circles with textured "chips" glued on.  I crumbled them for effect and took a bite out of one with a scallop punch.  The Cookie Monster would be so proud!  COOOOOKIE!!!!!

Hope you enjoy!  Have a safe and blessed weekend!


  1. This is super cute! Love the way you sheared the photo mats and what a great way to create the cookies. Have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!
    Great inspitation, you know we love cookiiiiiessss!!!!
    Have a super great weekend super friend!!

  3. LOL... If I were near this cookie layout, it would evaporate!!! Love it!

  4. THis is completely adorable! I love the cookies and I think I need to bake just to cut some out!
    I love the color choice as well.
    Great LO!!

  5. Fabulous layout. It makes me hungry. I love cookies.