Friday, August 3, 2012

Mindy and I strike again...

Good morning!  I am at Paper Niche this weekend cropping with great friends and celebrating my upcoming (29th) birthday.  As many of you know, when I’m attending crops I love to browse around the store to look for new and unusual things to try out.  In Ft. Lauderdale I have a dear friend who shares this curiosity.  Her name is Mindy and she’s an amazing designer and crafter.   We have a tradition which is to "play at midnight" on Saturday.  What we do is collaborate on a layout with no plan whatsoever.  She works on some parts of the layout while I work on others.  Since these crops are three or fours days long, by Saturday night "playtime", our brains are almost fried.  But somehow it always seems to work out.

This is what we made the last time I was there.

Mindy made this sailboat free hand.  We cut out a flamingo with the Accu-cut machine and embossed it bright pink.

This castle is embossed and distressed with a cool product that looks like sand.

And little did we imagine that the video another friend was recording on her phone while we "played" would ever see the light of day!!!  My husband, Steven Holtz Spielberg (his new nickname due to his new found talents), got hold of this footage and put this short video together for you.

I need to hang a BIG sign at Paper Niche stating "What happens at the Niche, stays at the Niche!".

Have a great and blessed weekend!


  1. wonderful post, as usual

  2. You never know what happens at midnight.

  3. You never know what happens at midnight.

  4. I love Steven Holtz Spielberg!!!

    Great layout, I bet you are having a great time, we need to be careful next time we're together lol, have a Bless Day!!

  5. Bea, Happy Birthday and wishing you many more to come. I wish I could be at the crop with you.

    Loving the Paper Niche blog and your dh is great!!! So much fun.

    Your Ohio friend, Lynda

  6. hahaah!!! too funny! I've got my sunglasses on my head ready to head over there!!! :)

  7. It is Awesome to see such a great LO come out of Team work!!

  8. Love your video Bea! Tell your hubby he's got talent!!!! LOl