Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning!  Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.  Today's layout is a mixture of Prima and Melissa Frances.  It has many layers, as well.  It's ready to display beautiful memories of my loved ones.

Andrew is crawling all over the place and he loves to hang out with me in my studio. I have a playpen and a basket full of toys. Well, his favorite ones? an egg beater, a plastic bowl and the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels!

There's nothing better than the sweetness and innocence of a baby. How nice it would be if we would be content with just the small things in life!  Have a great and blessed day!


  1. Your layout is absolutely beautiful and little Andrew is adorable!! God has blessed you with talent and a loving family.

  2. Your layout is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Andrew is growing so fast... enjoy your little boy :)

  3. Of course your layout is beautiful!!! But little Andrew is the real beauty of this post!!! What a cutie!!!

  4. Your layout look fabulous as always... Love the Andrew photos, blessings!