Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun and Games

Happy Friday!  Hope your week has been great.  This is a layout I designed for Treasured Memories during their event two weeks ago.  I just LOVE this collection!

We have had an incredible amount of rain around here this Summer.  It seems like it has rained almost every day!  My daughter and I used to take Andrew to the pool in the afternoons, but the rain has spoiled those plans almost every day!  But who needs a pool when there are plenty of puddles to play in? Here are some photos his mommy took of him yesterday afternoon.

"Who needs a pool when you've got rain? 
This way I don't swallow any water!"
"Whaddaya mean I'm not supposed
to get my shoes wet?"

"Hooray!!!  It stopped raining!!!  Can we go to the pool now?"

Have a wonderful, blessed and (hopefully) dry weekend!  We'll see you back here on Monday.

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