Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Good morning!  Well, we are back to wearing shorts since Tuesday afternoon.  Let's see how long this heat wave lasts!  Crazy weather for sure.
I made this layout for a special friend's daughter who was going to a Father-Daughter dance at their church.  I matched the color scheme as well as the title to that of the dance.

I had so much fun making this layout.  I wanted to fold the section of pleated paper along the bottom, but for my life I could not get the pleats to come out even.  I ended up cheating a little bit.  I cut out small rectangles, folded them in half and layered them to make it look like a ruffle.  I know that it was a lot more work, but I am very pleased how it came out.

I posted 10 new kits last night. Check them out on the KITS tab above.

Thank you for stopping by and for all of you who still leave comments daily. Have a fabulous, loving and blessed day!

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  1. Love the color and clocks on the first one. The second one is my favorite, there are so many beautiful details--absolutely gorgeous!!