Thursday, February 5, 2015


Good morning! Hope your week is going great so far. This is the layout I made yesterday  in honor of my precious sister Andreina. For hose of you who know me... remember I said I had a family emergency last week and had to travel? well..... read on!

My sister  went in for an emergency appendicitis and almost lost her life! It's a crazy story! The whole ordeal got complicated with an infection, had to have a second surgery and a drain put on her and on top of that her lungs collapsed! We are soooo thankful to God for all His provision and for sparing her life. We are also thankful to all the doctors, medical staff and hospital. They were  amazing. This is her resting peacefully at the hospital and  of course we had her in style! Pretty blanket, pretty jammies and cute turtles! She saw  a bunch of them crawling up the wall of the room (pain pills DO work!!!!) LOL

Our cousin Margarita (left) came all the way from Venezuela to be with us. She is like a sister to us and has always been there thru  thick and thin.

It was a loooooong and stressful week as you can imagine. Do you know how I handled it? (besides praying of course). I took a bunch of scrapping supplies and kept myself busy! Nurses loved coming into our room and doctors asked us if we had  moved in! 

I have to remind myself how fragile life is! I do not ever want to take for granted my family and friends. They are a gift from God and our job is to love them unconditionally just as He loves us. I pray you do the same. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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  1. Hi Bea. Sorry to hear about your sister. Glad she is well now. Love the picture with the pretty colorful blanket. Definitely in style. Hugs, Ana