Friday, March 25, 2016

Love to Explore

Good morning and happy Good Friday!  Hope that you'vehad a great week and have some special plans for Easter Sunday.

Here is a recent layout and kit titled "Love to Explore".  

We got a call yesterday from our son who was in Cuba ealier this week with the Tampa Bay Rays.  The flight from Havana to Tampa is normally less than an hour, but they had a mechanical issue with the plane and had a 6 hour delay in Havana until another plane could be sent to get them.  And since it was such a short flight, the only thing on board to eat was chips and pretzels!  The fellows did get a bit nervous when they saw that all of the other charter flights had taken off and that they were the only plane left.

Nonetheless, Danny says that he still loves to travel and explore.  Good for you, Danny!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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  1. I love this layout, Beatriz! As I type, it's 5:18am Easter morning and I am waiting for my son to board a plane in Munich to come back to the United States! Thank you for the inspiration and have a blessed Easter Sunday with your family!