Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Good morning and happy Tuesday.

Today I want to show you a new use for a product called Snow-Tex made by DecoArt.  Snow-Tex is a texturing medium that is used to to make dimensional effects on most surfaces.  Generally, you would apply it with a stiff brush or a palette knife.  It's very popular at Christmastime for making snow or beards, but it can be tinted as well.

The technique I'm using here is to apply a very thin coating to your work to give it a worn or weathered look.   The best tool that I found for spreading it around thinly was actually my hands.  As you can see here, I actually became part of the work.  Not to worry, it washes off easily with soap and water.

And here is the finished product.  It's great for vintage or shabby chic layouts.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I look forward to your next visit.  Untila then have a wonderful and blessed day.

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