Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rehearsal time

Today I played with paper..... actually I used so many different lines of paper together that I made a "soup" of papers! Anyhow,  in  my eyes they all blend together. I stamped, sewed, distressed, cut, pasted, embellished, etc, etc, etc. These pictures were taken during the rehearsal at the church. I love the expressions of each one of our faces... Valerie is alert and happy (as always), Daniel is "lost somewhere in space" (probably dreaming of baseball), Steve is thinking "I wanna go home" and me "is she 'really' going to take my baby?" (ha, ha, ha).
Don't worry.... my family do not read my blog......


  1. Wonderful LO! Love it! I love all the butterflies!! My fav! :)

  2. Oh I love the titles on both of these...just wonderfully done...your talent abounds my are truly an love love the butterflies...wonderful!