Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scrap-beading in Dothan!

Oh my..... Paper Moon Scrapbook Store here in Dothan shares its sister-Beading store in the same space. Every time I go in I have to wear my blinders (yes, just like the horses do!!!!). Today I left them at home  and I finally crossed to the other side and  discovered wire and beads for my pages! I started putting wire in my buttons... in the center of my flowers....and I ended up making stems and leaves! Then Ms. Kelley came in and introduced me to small beads (they have a name but I forgot it) and I filled my leaves with Glossy Accents and the small beads. They  turned out so cute! Of course, I could not stop so I made a card too. The stem and leaves in this card are made with green raffia and metal wire (another technique Ms. Kelly taught me).

This is LT (stands for Lieutenant-"boss of the pack") the owner's youngest son. He stole my heart! I am teaching him Scrapbooking, Beading, Spanish and how to say Aunt Bea, all at the same time. 

This is a canvas box  I made with this beautiful line of paper. It will be  a class here in Dothan in the near future. 

I made this layout tonight, trying to catch up with Danny & Lexie's wedding pictures. This was the day Lexie found her wedding gown and bought it.

These are "Signing Sheets" for a Sweet 16 birthday party this coming weekend. Her theme is Masquerade and her colors are purple, silver, black and white. It's been a very busy and fun Thursday! Hasta manana amigas!


  1. Lots of great fun projects here. Love what you've done with your wire and beads. I haven't used mine in quite this asme way. Thanks for the tip! Lovely work as always!

  2. Love all your new projects!!! :D Did u see the giveaway on my blog? :)

  3. Girl... your talents just never stop!! You are so amazing!! All of these project are gorgeous!! And those beads.... how fun are those?!! Lovin' them!!
    Barb :)

  4. LOL Beatriz, let's invent scrappers blinders! Of course we'd probably end up embellishing them too, but we'd make millions! LOL! Great cards/projects. I always love your style and embellishments, and now you have another technique to add to your repertoire. I'm digging the beads!

  5. Well well well...just look at you go...wonderful the papers patterns and fun techniques you have inspired us with...I adore the clock with the oversized are a scrappy blessing...btw thanx for the addy and the love...I so appreciate you!

  6. wow Beatriz, you definitely keep busy with your scrappin' and have such a great talent for it, we can't wait for your class in March!

  7. Hey girl! Uh, wow! Wow! Wow!
    I do believe they are called seed beads. I started just a bit of beading when I was in my early teens (still have a tackle box full of them!). My first experience with putting sead beads on my LO was just terrible! LOL! But in my defense I had just started crafting!
    Well I LOVE everything you've posted.
    What I would do to come spend time with you and craft!

  8. Hi there,
    I love those purple owls. Can you tell me where those are from??
    Thanks! Sara

  9. Those owls are from My Mind's Eye collection and I got them fro Paper Moon Scrapbook store here in Dothan. They have the entire collection and it is adorable!