Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life is sweet!

Good morning!  I have two layouts to show you today.  The first one is all about celebrating a birthday.  I found a great paper with ice cream cones that inspired me to cut out cupcakes and ice cream with my Cricut.  The background brown paper has sprinkles.  (You usually get charged extra for sprinkles, but in this case, I didn't!)

This next one is a layout I designed for Treasured Memories.  The papers are so rich in color.  I love them.

Life is sweet, indeed.  I met this precious lady named Alice when I went to the Scrap-a-Teers event in New Orleans last Fall.  She loved to scrap and had a great time on all the projects that we did that weekend.  We got a chance to share our thoughts and faith, and I also got to make this layout for her. She was wanting large Fall flowers for the layout, but we just couldn't find any amongst all of the participants.  Well, Miss Alice "disappeared" for a little while and when she came back, she had with her the most beautiful, large Fall flowers!  We couldn't figure out where she got them since nobody at the event had anything at all like that and there weren't any stores close to the event. 

She finally let on that she had found a closet in the storage room in the back and "went shopping" for her Fall Flowers!  She was so happy with how her layout turned out.  I am so glad to have this picture of the two of us showing her layout.

Her friends told me that she was looking forward to our next event in April.  Unfortunately, Miss Alice had a very bad fall and went to be with the Lord last week.  I want to honor her today by sharing our brief meeting in this world.  You see, this is what scrapbooking is all about to me.  The new faces, the sweetest smiles, the warmest hugs and the new friendships that are developed through this beautiful hobby.  I will remember you always, Miss Alice.  Thank you for coming into my life even if it was just for a weekend.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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  1. Ms Alice was sweet as well as everyone there that weekend her pages will live on to let everyone in her family who she was and what she loved to do.

    Love the first layout and what you did with the cupcake, ice cream cone what a great idea
    Friendly Stalker Here Kelli