Friday, February 1, 2013

Monkeying around

Happy February!  Today's posting is dedicated to Madison Rose and Andrew, my precious grandbabies.  They are growing way too fast!  Andrew is almost 13 months and Madison Rose is 17 months. We started a tradition of buying them matching pajamas when they are together.  Last Fall we spent a week at the beach.  Before this mini-vacation, I found the cutest jammies with matching blankets at Gymboree.  Then I found monkey headbands at Michael's!  The costumes were complete.  Here they are crawling around the floor of the condo we rented, "monkeying around".

In January they were together again and we found matching Christmas jammies (on sale, of course) at the same store. Andrew's were a little big on him but he will grow into them.

Hug your loved ones today and take lots of pictures of them, even if it's in their pajamas.  I wish you a wonderful, safe and blessed weekend!


  1. Hi Beatriz, your pictures and l/o are priceless! Your grandbabies will look back on these pictures and treasure them. TFS!!